MOB Glass: A Buyer's Guide for High Quality Glass 2021

MOB Glass: A Buyer's Guide for High Quality Glass 2021

Published by S. Wyatt Price on Dec 7th 2021

MOB Glass: A Buyer's Guide for High Quality Glass 2021

With the recent boom in popularity of glass water pipes, the quality of glass and production has changed significantly. Today, you can walk into almost any smoke or heady shop and find an array of glass water pipes for you to choose from. Finding the right glass water pipe for your smoking experience can be a little challenging. MOB Glass is a premium glass manufacturer guided on the principle of providing you with the best smoking experience with reliable, high quality glass that can suit any smoking background! Whether you’re a fan of straight tubes, beakers, bubblers, or dab rigs there’s definitely a product from MOB Glass that you’ll fall in love with. To help you decide, we’ve come up with a MOB Glass buying guide for you to choose the perfect glass water pipe for your smoking experience!

MOB Glass Beaker Water Pipes

MOB Glass Tron Beaker Water Pipe

MOB Glass stands out in the crowd with the Tron Beaker Water Pipe. Crafted from thick, premium borosilicate glass, this stunning beaker-style water pipe uses a domed seed of life perc that is a marvel in glass engineering, and also creates ultra-smooth rips. The stacked chamber body with convenient three ice pinch lets you enjoy frosty cool rips, and the 14mm removable glass downstem and bowl add a sophisticated touch. As far as beaker water pipes go, the MOB Tron is an excellent addition to any scientific glass collection.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Thick borosilicate glass craftsmanship
  • Able to produce smooth, milky rips
  • Ice pinch is great if you’re looking for cool, refreshing hits
  • 21” height | Great size for big hits and group sessions

MOB Glass 14.5” BK 7mm Water Pipe

All avid bud users know that when owning glass, durability is a priority. With the MOB 14.5” 7mm Beaker, all tokers can relish in thick glass and wicked functionality! It’s sleek tubing and durable architecture is made of borosilicate glass at an impressive 7mm in thickness. The 14.5” 7mm Beaker is armed with a diffused downstem ready to work with its wide water reservoir to make your hits milky and lusciously smooth. For additional fun, this beaker water pipe features an ice pinch at the base of its neck so you can lock and load ice to your heart’s content for icy-fresh toking!

Why You’ll Love It

  • The wide, flask shaped base of this beaker water pipe allows you to pull in mad amounts of smoke for big rips
  • 7mm borosilicate glass craftsmanship = a thick beaker water pipe for you to enjoy for the long run!
  • Great for group seshes
  • Ice pinch is located at the base of the neck, which is perfect for arctic-fresh hits!

MOB Glass Versailles Tree Beaker Water Pipe

The MOB Glass Versailles Tree Beaker is made for providing you with consecutive amazing smoke seshes! The Versailles Tree Beaker is a premium beaker water pipe made from dense borosilicate glass giving you the best armor around. The Versailles Tree Beaker features a 6-arm tree percolator in its upper chamber if sensationally smooth hits blasted right to the dome! For all the homies who prefer smooth, refreshing hits, the Versailles Tree Beaker is loaded with an ice pinch for top-notch experiences.

Why You'll Love It

  • 6-arm tree percolator and diffused downstem offer amazing hits that are super easy on the throat!
  • Smooth welds, dense borosilicate glass architecture
  • 12” height | Great for casual smoke sessions on solo sessions
  • Ground joint on the downstem, which provides snug, secure fitting for your slide

MOB Glass Straight Tube Water Pipes

MOB Glass Oracle Water Pipe

The MOB Glass Oracle Water Pipe provides exceptional form, function and airflow. This straight tube water pipe is 16-inches tall and features two innovative flower of life percolators inside and double chamber filtration. Eliminate hot, dry rips from your life with a perfectly percolating work of art. The unique glass work design and colored accents give this already stunning piece a stylish flair!

Why You’ll Love It

  • The engineered percolation of this straight tube water pipe allows for seamless, smooth, moisturized hits and rips. Seriously! Say goodbye to hot ass smoke.
  • Lower portion of the bent neck serves as a splash guard, so you’ll receive hits full of smoke… and only smoke. ;)
  • Bent neck allows you to smoke comfortably, with ease, and without having to worry about manhandling a lengthy straight neck.

MOB Glass Magnus Straight Tube

The MOB Glass Magnus Straight Tube, flaunts amazing style and features that make smoking a dream. The length also acts as a natural splash guard so that you won't experience any splashback from percolation. This straight tube water pipe features a seed of life disc perc is situated inside the 5-inch base. As you inhale, the smoke gets pushed through the tiny holes of the perc and upward to the middle chamber, which houses a diffuser and seed of life perc of added filtration. The long neck offers you a comfortable grip, while the meaty base delivers unparalleled sturdiness.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Dual seed of life perc allows for optimal filtration and diffusion, so you can enjoy rips that are literally smooth as butter
  • The length of this straight tube water pipe’s chamber serves as a natural splash guard, so you can enjoy hits and rips without interference from gross water.
  • Rimmed base allows for this tall (16.5” height) water pipe to stand securely

MOB Glass Signature Straight Tube Large

The MOB Signature Straight Tube Large is the water pipe you’ve been waiting for. This straight tube water pipe is crafted from borosilicate glass and is furnished with a wide rimmed base for additional stability and durability! This Signature Straight Tube Large water pipe is equipped with ground joints on its 14mm male slide and removable diffused downstem for snug fits and smooth rips. The Large Signature Straight Tube is armed with an ice pinch for additional cooling and refreshing smoke seshes.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Classic straight tube body + tall height (15”) = potent, direct hits for you!
  • Smooth welds, durable borosilicate glass craftsmanship
  • Easy to hit and clear for the moderate toker

MOB Glass Dab Rigs

MOB Glass Lunar V2 Dab Rig

The MOB Lunar V2 Dab Rig takes on a smaller size with a sleek body crafted from borosilicate glass to provide you with a dab rig that's ready for on-the-go seshes. If your housemates aren't a huge fan of your "extracurricular activities," don't worry! The compact size of the Lunar V2 Dab Rig will allow you to enjoy amazing dab seshes with discretion. The MOB Lunar V2 Dab Rig is equipped with a crescent-shaped percolator that works to keep your concentrate vapor filtrated, diffused, and smooth upon the final inhale. It's no doubt that the MOB Lunar V2 Dab Rig is all about giving you the best hits that are full of terpenes, without irritating your throat and lungs in the process!

Why You’ll Love It

  • If you prefer to keep your dab seshes low key, this small dab rig will make that happen!
  • It’s unique crescent-shaped percolator and compact body preserves terpenes really well, so you’ll be able to experience flavorful hits from each dab
  • The top chamber (where you see the MOB Glass Logo) and extended mouthpiece works to prevent splashback

MOB Glass Bio-Hazard Dab Rig

The MOB Bio-Hazard Dab Rig is a triple-arm recycler made of borosilicate glass and flexes design that will make all the homies believe you broke the bank for this piece! What makes the MOB Bio-Hazard so mind-blowing is its CFL reactive glass design. CFL stands for “compact fluorescent light” which means that the Bio-Hazard will change in color when exposed to fluorescent light! In normal view, this water pipe appears to take on a translucent blue-shade. However, when you place the Bio-Hazard in fluorescent light, it transforms to a vibrant purple!

Why You’ll Love It

  • CFL reactive glass makes this an insanely trippy dab rig to use with your friends, or if you enjoy collecting dope glass!
  • Triple arm recycler feature allows for your concentrate vapor to be super smooth and moisturized, meaning less irritation on your throat and lungs
  • Luxury design at an affordable price

MOB Glass Elite Cone Dab Rig

The MOB Glass Elite Cone Dab Rig is a small, beaker shaped rig made of borosilicate glass so you can relish in high quality and durability while whipping up a fat glob of your favorite concentrate! Its triple diffy percolator comes in handy with this rig’s hollow foot base to ensure that all rips and tokes are smooth, clean, and most importantly - effortless! With the Elite Cone, you can enjoy seshes on any table-top surface with its bent neck and splash guard features. This dab rig is outfitted with wig-wag design on its neck, downstem, and base for an extra ‘heady’ feel.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Hollow base allows for your concentrate vapor to be well diffused and filtered
  • Wig-wag design adds ‘heady’ vibes and provides you with a dab rig that’s really wicked in appearance!
  • Bent neck and smaller size allows for you to enjoy dab seshes comfortably

MOB Glass Bubblers

MOB Glass Short Heady Bubbler

The MOB Short Heady Bubbler is the perfect heady piece if you're looking to immerse yourself in heady culture without a mega splurge in your forecast. The MOB Short Heady Bubbler is handcrafted from borosilicate glass and flaunts intricate wig-wag accents throughout the bubbler to give it a "heady feel." This bubbler features a deep bowl set at a 45-degree angle to keep your lit herb far away from your face, leaving you all the room to enjoy dense, smooth smoke! Nestled between the bowl are two dichroic marble accents that give this bubbler the perfect amount of shine and pop.

Why You’ll Love It

  • If you’re looking to own your first heady piece without breaking the bank, this is the bubbler for you!
  • Deep bowl for dense dry herb packing - can hold up to 1.5g of ground dry herb
  • Carb hole for control over your hits, and to blast smoke off right to the dome!

MOB Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler

The MOB Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler flaunts heady artistic style with unmatched functionality that will send your smoking experience to new heights! This bubbler features a wide, deep bowl to allow you to pack and load your favorite dry herb til your heart's content! On the side of the bubbler, you'll find a trusty carb hole that will allow your hits to be quick, effective, and quick to the draw. Say hello to amazing hits from this heady bubbler pipe!

Why You’ll Love It

  • Affordable heady piece
  • Deep water reservoir with downstem allows for smooth hits
  • Easy to grip and handle

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